Red Lion Folk Club

Wednesday May 1st

Jason Wilson Band

Born to Scottish immigrants, Wilson’s music has been described as ‘Folk-Reggae’ or ‘Global-Roots’. While neither of these quite covers it, Wilson's art is truly unique; it is a sound where the reggae portion is freely brushed — not strictly detailed — allowing space on the canvas for wildly divergent inspirations such as Bach, Scottish Pibroch, folk-rock and bebop to peek through. In essence, Wilson combines reggae with the improvisational sensibility of jazz and then layers it with the storytelling quality of the folk tradition. Importantly, most of Wilson's songs are based on Canadiana and/or actual events in Canadian history.

Jason's music has caught the attention of many critics - ‘deeply satisfying reggae for aware, intelligent grown-ups’ - ‘the more I listen to Jason Wilson…the more I am convinced that he's onto something that may just help broaden the spectrum of how people consider reggae music’.

In addition, Jason is a two-time Juno-Awards nominee, Canadian Reggae Music Award winner, four-time Reggae Music Achievements Award nominee and a Best-Selling Canadian historian and  Adjunct-Professor of history.

Even if you hate reggae you’ll love this!!!

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