Red Lion Folk Club

Wednesday October 24th

Jimmy Lee - The ‘Runaway Show’

Jimmy Lee’s incredible life story has inspired this collection of songs and narrative told in lyrics woven with beautiful melodies. Abandoned on a train at a tender age (with a note attached requesting someone to take care of him) by a mother who could not cope in the absence of her husband, then serving in the jungles of Burma during WW2, he then spent life in a succession of children’s homes (10 in all) from the age of 4 until he ran away at 14 to join the Royal Navy. Life did not get easier, marked by frequent beatings and time spent in a naval prison, but, with occasional setbacks, Jimmy at last found solace and hope through music, also marrying and raising a family, but enjoying ‘Americana’ and travelling widely in the US Mid West. His ‘White Mansions’ performance at the club (and the resultant CD) was utterly spectacular. Eventually he bought a forest in West Sussex and set up the Blue Coconut Club in 1987, both a music and wedding venue, which gained a huge reputation for hosting a whole range of acoustic music from jazz to blues, folk and country, performed by  some oft he best musicians around. Jimmy also developed his own ‘Edge of Chaos’ orchestra. This man has packed more into his life than most—do look him up on the web ( and don’t  miss what promises to be a fascinating evening.

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