Red Lion Folk Club

Wednesday October 16th

The John Richards Band

Since 2014, after a long career as a well-respected musician and songwriter (writing songs since he was 17), fronting a number of bands including Maurice and the Minors, in the 80s, Desperate Man in the 90s, etc., John Richards decided in 2014 to focus on his song writing, doing only the occasional gig—so we are immensely lucky that he has agreed to come back to us. Songs such as Honour and Praise, The Deserter, the Unknown Soldier, Foundryman’s Daughter, The Smugglers’ Song, Shine On, and If You Can Walk You Can Dance have been covered by some of the UK’s finest professional artists (including Fairport Convention) as well as by a long line of local singers. Born in the Black Country, with a background of church music, he ran the college folk club for a number of years in the late 60s/early 70s,  broadening his tastes to take in Blues, rock and the new music of Steeleye, Fairport etc., all contributing to what was to become  a rich and influential output of truly original work.

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The John Richards Band

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