Red Lion Folk Club

Wednesday October 23rd

Si Barron /

The Lost Notes (Trio set)

Si is an exquisite guitarist and admittedly a folk fanatic. With his crystal-clear voice (as described by Mile Harding) he is a fine interpreter of traditional and contemporary folk songs. These are mainly English traditional songs hallowed by time—exciting, moving and relevant music that never gets old. He has visited the club frequently in the past with Ros Brady but now often tours on his own and his last album ‘Sweet Billy Caution’ is totally and utterly beautiful (again comments by Mike Harding).

The Moseley-based Lost Notes need no introduction and here Ben, Lucy and Oli bring their foot-stomping  head-nodding music. Much of this is written by themselves and concerns things that really matter (?bankers), many downright miserable but all immensely enjoyable!

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Si Barron

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