Red Lion Folk Club

Wednesday April 22nd

Catrin OíNeill & Chris Knowles / Karen Pfeiffer & Paul Walker

Two of our favourite artistes from Wales meet another popular pair from Eccleshall in Staffordshire. Chris is a very talented harpist who regularly played in Caernarfon Castle. Last summer his evening of Celtic music in the little Llandanwg church set amongst the sand dunes near Harlech by candlelight (with Ben Walker on Scottish pipes) was a mesmerising and unforgettable experience. Catrin loves to tell a story, have a giggle, sing the odd tragic tale and promote Welsh folk music.

Karenís German accent (Pail Ďdiscoveredí her busking in a Stuttgart city centre park) tinged with a north Staffordshire dialect adds another twist to the tale. Combining their beautifully written songs with a fine choice of folk favourites, Paulís vocal and individual style blended with Karenís voice, clear and yet so powerful, delights audiences and provides another memorable experience.

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Chris Knowles and Catrin O'Neill