Text Box: Red Lion Folk Club
Wednesday May 3rd

Harp & A Monkey

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Text Box: When this trio from Lancashire formed a group in late 2008 they tried to find a name that had not been used by anyone else and Martin Purdy (a classically trained pianist who player of countless instruments including glockenspiel, accordion, harmonica and keyboard) said that this name sounded like 'a good traditional local pub — a cosy place nested somewhere in the corner of the West Pennines where you might go and hear good music'. They do indeed have a harp and Andy (banjo) added 'Everything in life goes better with a monkey'. They (also Simon — harp and viola) call their music folk electro-folk-storytelling because, not wanting to haul huge drums around, they use electronic percussion. Each of their albums tries to offer songs creating a different mood, with a ear for the little historical quirks and facts of the stories—an enduring but ever-changing folk-process of evolving stories.  They have never played anywhere and not been invited back!
Paul O’Neill who is well known at the club as a member of the Roving Crows will be supporting.

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